*Re-Release Blitz* Seeing White (Book One) By Charlotte E Hart

    *Re-Release Blitz* Seeing White (Book One) By Charlotte E Hart Alexander White, the wealthy businessman with looks to die for. Just like the other colors you’d think...but no. He came from a very different place and made some of his money a very different way. And he keeps it well hidden because the truth … Continue reading *Re-Release Blitz* Seeing White (Book One) By Charlotte E Hart



Ruin by CD Reiss Ruin is the second book in CD Reiss' Songs of Corruption Series.  You should read Spin first. That being said, let's get down to the nitty gritty with this review.  I'll keep it as PG as I can here, but I effin loved this book!  I loved the first one too.  … Continue reading Ruin

Forbidden Forever / Forbidden No More

Forbidden Forever and Forbidden No More by Christy Dilg Today is release day for Forbidden No More, the second book by Christy Dilg about Dr. Chance Turner and Laney Collins...so from Orchard Book Club - Happy Release Day! Now, I'm going to give you my review for both books since I read them back to … Continue reading Forbidden Forever / Forbidden No More

** Review ** A Dominant man by Lena Black

       Gabrielle Hyde is bright, beautiful, and feisty, with a brilliant future ahead of her and an even darker past to overcome.Damian Hunt, CEO of Hunt Industries Inc., is tormented by his inner demons, shattered past, and need to control.When Elle falls into Hunt's life, their need to be possessed by the other … Continue reading ** Review ** A Dominant man by Lena Black

Lussuria and L’amore

Lussuria and L'amore by S.J. Molloy Reviewed by Crystal Lussuria: I found this first book in S.J. Molloy’s Luminara Series to be all over the place…in the best possible way. Lexi Robertson lives a life that she has carefully constructed into neat little files. She painstakingly obsesses about nearly every aspect of her life and … Continue reading Lussuria and L’amore