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Blog Tour Review – Dead Jealous by Helen Durrant.

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DEAD JEALOUS by Helen H Durrant – Detective Novels

A teenage girl’s body is found in the back of a car on the notorious Hobfield housing estate. No one had reported her missing, but she’s been dead for a week.

Meanwhile, an old jar is brought into the station. It was found carefully wrapped in a blanket, with a child’s pink hairclip. The jar contains ashes and bone fragments.

Seventeen years ago Detective Tom Calladine had been part of a team investigating the disappearance of Jessica Wilkins. Her mother had taken her to Leesdon Park one summer afternoon.

She went to get the child an ice cream and when she returned her daughter was gone. Over the years there were no sightings, no witnesses — nothing.

Will there finally be closure for this unsolved mystery?
And why was the girl found in the car killed and why are her friends not telling her the whole story?

Detectives Tom Calladine and Ruth Bayliss will unravel a web of lies and pain, in this fast-moving and gripping crime mystery.

Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the stunning conclusion

If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Mel Sherratt, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham you will enjoy this exciting new crime fiction writer.

helen durrant

DEAD JEALOUS is book seven of a new series of detective thrillers featuring D.S. Ruth Bayliss and D.I. Tom Calladine.

Tom Calladine is a detective inspector who is devoted to his job. His personal life, however, is not so successful. Having been married and divorced before the age of twenty-one has set a pattern that he finds difficult to escape.

Ruth Bayliss is in her mid-thirties, plain-speaking but loyal. She is balancing her professional life with looking after a small child.

The fictional village of Leesdon on the outskirts of an industrial northern English city. There is little work and a lot of crime. The bane of Calladine’s life is the Hobfield housing estate, breeding ground to all that is wrong with the area that he calls home.



review by nicola

Helen Durrant is a new author to me so I’ve jumped into the series starting on book 7 of THE CALLADINE & BAYLISS MYSTERY SERIES and it’s do able, though I plan in reading the rest of the series after this book because this book had got me hooked! A dead body within the first chapter is a winner in my eyes…. . The book doesn’t just focus on that one crime which I enjoyed. A cold case is reopened after a lot of ashes are discovered and with the Hopwood brothers causing havoc on the estate there’s never a quiet day….. or night!

This book jumps right into the nitty gritty, which I love, the author has a way of setting the scene that has you turning page after page. I enjoyed how she didn’t focus on just one crime within the book but jumped between them, always on my toes but never actually guessing who the villain was (hats off to you on that Helen) I loved all the characters, good and bad, my favourite having being Dolly, not sure why but she just struck a chord with me.

If you enjoy a good thriller book then Helen’s books (or in my case book) is definitely one you should pick us as soon as you can! It’s gripping, twisting and a real page turner, an easy 5☆☆☆☆☆ from me……. now to start from the beginning! Happy reading!!



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The Beautiful Evil

The Beautiful Evil

The Beautiful Evil by Robbi Bryant
Reviewed by Crystal

This story follows Constance Jacobson throughout her troubled life.  She seems to be in a constant state of mourning over her deceased father.  She becomes estranged from her mother who does not approve of her marriage.  A marriage itself that is riddled with issues.  It isn’t until Constance is on a business trip with her husband that she buys a Grecian vase that changes her life.  Three wasplike creatures emerge from the vase and blur the lines between dreams and reality for Constance.  They cause her to do things that she wouldn’t normally do.  She encounters family secrets and has to deal with her problematic marriage.  And seemingly, all of this came about due to this ancient curse from the vase she couldn’t live without.  This isn’t my typical fare for a book, but I did enjoy it.  Sometimes it’s good to go outside your comfort zone a little.  I felt like the story was vivid enough to paint a picture of what was going on and that really helped me enjoy it.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thriller.


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Blog Tour ~ Epiphany by Christina Jean Michaels


Today sees our stop on the blog tour for Epiphany by Christian Jean Michaels.


Title: Epiphany
Author: Christina Jean Michaels
Release: July 19, 2012
Age Group: New Adult/Adult
Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

Blurb ~

“I had my first psychic dream when I was nine. Psychic implied power, and powerful wasn’t a word I’d use to describe myself. I couldn’t foretell the future or conjure visions at will, but I couldn’t think of a more fitting word to describe what I sometimes saw in my dreams.”

For 23-year-old Mackenzie Hill, tossing her life down the garbage disposal is easy after a painful incident shatters her life. Her heart is bleeding, and moving to Watcher’s Point is a chance to start anew, only she isn’t prepared for the guy who walks out of her dreams and into the flesh. Literally . . . because she’s been dreaming about this sexy stranger for years.

Mackenzie is even less prepared to face the dark nature of her dreams. They’ve turned disturbingly gruesome, full of blood and murder, and when they begin to coincide with the media’s headlines, she and Aidan realize her visions might be the key to stopping a madman from killing again.

Only Aidan has painful secrets of his own, and perhaps the biggest danger of all is falling for him.

Add Epiphany to your Goodreads shelf ~


Nicola’s review ~

It was only a week or so ago I was begging for something other than a smutty romance, and the book gods came through….. With THIS and WOW what a book! To say this is Christina’s first published book you may have just picked up your first book stalker…….. Meeeeeee! 😉

Epiphany is action packed right from the start. We are thrown into the deep end that is the life of Mackenzie, who has her own “issues” with life not to mention her mother. Then in walks Aidan, and I meant literally walks in……..into the bar where Mac works. Aidan is not without his own skeletons,  but doesn’t seem to be able to keep them hidden when he is around Mac. Ohh and did I mention there’s a nut job running round town playing hangman with the local girls?!

Christina seems to have touched every base possible with this book, it’s like walking through the hall of mirrors, just when you think you know where your going BANG! She also hide the ‘who done it’ very well……. In fact I had half a dozen people in the frame and when we did finally find out who it was I was like “No freakin way!” There seemed to be plot twist after plot twist, nothing was ever predictable and the story kept me on my toes, as well as the light on…… You know, just in case!

I’m hoping in book 2 we get to learn more about Aidan’s family, especially his brother, and I’m sure there will be just as many twists and turns if not more!

A very well deserved 4 golden apples!


Get to know Christina ~


Christina Jean Michaels was born in Paradise, California, but she has found the true home of her heart in Eugene, Oregon where she finds plenty of inspiration for storytelling.

When she was young, her mother said she hated words. Now she can’t imagine not writing. She became an avid reader when she was thirteen and discovered the world of Sweet Valley High. About a year later she realized she could play God and write about her own characters. She has been writing in some form ever since.

She lives with her husband and their four children—three rambunctious UFC/wrestling-loving boys and one girl who steals everyone’s attention.

You can follow Christina on the following sites ~


Purchase links ~


Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble

Giveaway! ~

(4) Signed Print Copies of Epiphany – US Only
(3) Epiphany ebooks (via Amazon)


This blog tour was organised and hosted by Atomr Tours http://atomrbookblogtours.com/

You can follow the tour to see reviews, guest posts, and excerpts by clicking the button below.




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The Blake Mistake By I.C.Camilleri ~ Review ~


yes blurb


Ben Blake; British intelligence agent, intellectual genius, striking appearance, impeccable acting skills and a heightened sixth sense, all concealed behind a solid impenetrable mask.

Jake Snell; the rugged eleventh Earl of Yorkley, the extremely bright cardiac surgeon, the loving husband, the devoted father, the enigma whose criminal past gives British intelligence another perspective from the other side of the fence.

The bombing; Ben foresees it, Jake thwarts it and destiny is rewritten, spewing forth a cataclysmic course of events. Snippets of Jake’s violent and forgotten childhood start to surface his conscious mind and his perfect life begins to break apart before his very own eyes. Women he comes in contact with are found dead bearing a particular signature linked with his childhood. He starts to doubt his hidden suppressed half. He has to unlock his memories and search deep within the bowels of his vast ancestral home if he is to ever save his wife and tame the brutal destiny he himself had unleashed.

The Blake Mistake is all about insecurities, unconditional love and that desperate run against the flowing sands of time.

Each book in the Blake series can be read as a stand-alone but suggested order of reading; The Blake Soul The Blake Curse The Blake Mistake

yes review

The Blake Mistake By I.C.Camilleri

Reviewed by Rachel

 What a thriller!

This book was a fabulous read and I was gripped from the start . The authors writing and the story captivates you and before you know it it’s 2am!

I’m always careful not to give away spoilers but pleased I found out what happened in the woods!

The book is fast passed, powerful,deep with good likeable characters and very well written again. The twists and turns make a very dramatic storyline.

I loved this series of books The Blake soul, The Blake curse and The Blake mistake are all must reads.


yes meet

I C Camilleri is a medical doctor living in the UK. Over the past two years she has published three fictional novels. The first, The Blake Curse was published in March 2012. A year later it was nominated for The People’s Book Prize UK, a national competition voted for by the public and whose patron is Frederick Forsyth. After a three month vote The Blake Curse became one of the three finalists in the Summer 2013 Collection. The finalists will compete again in May 2014 to determine the overall winner of The People’s Book Prize 2013/2014.
The next two books, The Blake Soul and The Blake Mistake were published in 2013. Each book in the Blake series could be read as a stand-alone.

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Tainted Waters

Good morning to all our followers, old & new 🙂

Today we are proud to present Maggie Thom’s blog tour for “Tainted Waters”


“He didn’t commit suicide but who’s going to believe her…

Frustrated at being fired from her latest job and overwhelmed by her consolatory family, Sam decides to move to the family’s cabin at the lake. A place she hasn’t been since her dad committed suicide there twenty years before. Or did he? Snooping is something she’s good at but someone seems to be taking offence to her looking too closely at what has been happening at the lake. What she discovers is shocking. Now she must uncover what’s real and what’s not. All that she learned growing up, may be false. Keegan, who has recently moved to the area, to finish his latest book is also trying to find out if his grandfather, who’d passed away ten years before, died of natural causes or was murdered? The descendants of the four families who own the land around the lagoon are dying off. Since Sam and Keegan are the only ones questioning the deaths, they find themselves working together to seek the truth. Are people being murdered? Who would benefit from their deaths? Why would there be barricades and armed guards at the north end of the lake? To stay alive, Sam and Keegan must find the answers and convince others, before more people are killed… including them.”

We will be doing two reviews for this book as myself (Laura) and Nicola both wanted to read it 🙂

Review done by Laura

I enjoyed Tainted Waters thoroughly from the moment I started to read it. I especially loved the two characters, Sam & Keegan and their journey to seek the truth.

Sam and Keegan’s paths cross when they are both inadvertently looking for the same thing; the truth.

Sam is trying to dig up the truth regarding her father’s apparent suicide and Keegan doesn’t believe that his Grandfather died of natural causes. Together they start to unravel the secrets surrounding the deaths of their loved ones and these new findings might just put Sam & Keegan and those close to them in grave danger.

Will they discover the secrets surrounding the lake before it’s too late?

I would definitely recommend this book and would love to read more of Maggie Thom’s work.


Review done by Nicola

There’s been a murder……. Only no one knows its a murder! It was a car accident or a burglary or natural causes, but Sam doesn’t believe this and neither does Keegan. So they decide to take it upon themselves to find out what is going on, while putting their own life’s at risk.
I LOVED this book! It was fast paced and had me gripped from the start….. And talk about twists! Just when I thought I knew where this story was leading…… Bang!….. Plot twist!
I loved Sam’s nosy, I won’t stand for any crap character….. Which usually landed her in trouble, and in some cases a LOT of trouble.
Keegan……oh Keegan……. A guy that never gives up, even when he’s black a blue! Just as stubborn as Sam and even more loveable.
If you like your Thrillers (like me) then this is a book for you, I have Maggie Thoms next book and I’m itching to start it!!


To find out more about Maggie please click on the following links

Website: http://www.maggiethom.com

Blog: http://maggiethom.wordpress.com/the-write-to-read/


Laura & Nicola


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