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Global Superstar


Global Superstar by Christian J Blue
Reviewed by Nicola

Ed Harvey has it all, Fame, Fortune the lot, But Ed couldn’t care less about all that, The only thing Ed cares about is a message……. A message that he has spent years trying to send.
But Ed also has a secret, a secret he wants no one to know about until is best friend, Kaine, is about to die and Ed can prevent this. When Kaine finds out about the ‘thing’ that saved his life all he sees is $$ but Ed wants no part in it but is blackmailed into helping. Will Ed ever deliver his message? The only way to find out is to join Ed on his journey to becoming a Global Superstar!

The only reason I gave this book 4* and not a 5* was because the first few chapters confused me (I doesn’t take a lot, trust me) too much flicking back and forth in time, had to turn back a few times to find out where I was. But that is the only flaw, if you can really call it a flaw. That being said I did love this book. CJ did have me gasping at a few points in the book and one part, which I emailed him about, shocked me…….. A LOT!
I enjoyed how it showed that fame can’t give you everything in life and at times your life isn’t really yours any more. This story is fast paced and has a fab twist. I never imagined the book ending the way it did, well done there CJ. I will look forward to reading more from this Author.



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