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Hunter's Revenge Cover

book blurb

Hunter by name – Hunter by nature: DI Hunter Wilson will not rest until his friend’s death is avenged.

DI Hunter Wilson is called to the scene of a murder. He is shocked to find the victim is his friend and colleague, George Reinbold.

Who would want to harm the quiet, old man? Why was a book worth £23,000 delivered to him that morning? Why is the security in George’s home so intense?

Hunter must investigate his friend’s past as well as the present to identify George’s killer.

When a new supply of cocaine from Peru floods HMP Edinburgh and the city, the courier leads Hunter to a criminal gang, but Hunter requires the help of his nemesis, the former Chief Constable, Sir Peter Myerscough, and local gangster, Ian Thomson, to make his case.

Hunter’s perseverance and patience are put to the test time after time in this taut crime thriller.

Hunter’s Revenge is the second in Val Penny’s gripping crime series featuring DI Hunter Wilson.

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meet the author

author pic 2

Val Penny is an American author living in SW Scotland. She has two adult daughters of whom she is justly proud and lives with her husband and two cats. She has a Law degree from Edinburgh University and her MSc from Napier University. She has had many jobs including hairdresser, waitress, lawyer, banker, azalea farmer and lecturer. However she has not yet achieved either of her childhood dreams of being a ballet dancer or owning a candy store. Until those dreams come true, she has turned her hand to writing poetry, short stories and novels.


DS Jane Renwick and DC Rachael Anderson make an interesting discovery when they go to pay the hotel where they are holding the blessing of their civil partnership.

Rachael couldn’t think of a time when she and Jane had had so many days off together. It was lovely. Today, they were going to stop by the hotel in Belford Road, where they had chosen to have their blessing.

There were plenty of fancier venues than the three-star Bruce Hotel, in Belford Road, on the banks of the Water of Leith. But this hotel was within easy walking distance of one of Jane’s favourite attractions in the city: The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Rachael had agreed to the choice because she knew Jane would like guests to be able to visit the gallery if they wanted to.

“Janey, did you notice the hotel has been sold to a different chain?” she asked.

“Yes. I don’t think it will really affect us, but I want to visit and see for myself.”

“May be not, but the chain’s name is totally unpronounceable.”

“The hotel is still called The Bruce Hotel; it’s just the company that owns it which has changed. The hotel still has the same rooms for our guests who are staying over, and the function suite for us. It will be fine!”

“As long as the honeymoon suite is still as nice, that’s all I care about,” Rachael said.

“We’ll check! I want to take another look at the bar and the restaurant and make sure our cake is organised.”

“One fruit tier for you and one chocolate tier for me.”

“Yes, my little peasant.” Jane laughed and pushed open the door to the hotel reception.

“What cheek! But I’m glad we have time off and can do this together, Janey.”

“And guests should get parked easily on the big day.”


Jane and Rachael went to reception to ask for the Events Manager. They were both relieved when the same woman they had made all their arrangements with came out to greet them.

“Hello, ladies. Jane and Rachael, isn’t it? Not long to wait now! Are you getting excited?”

“Ooh yes,” Rachael said.

“Your wedding planner has been in touch to finalise access and arrangements, but would you like to see the function suite again? It has been redecorated since our takeover by Gemuetliche Erholung.”

“So that’s how you say it. I’m glad they haven’t changed the name of the hotel,” Rachael smiled.

“That may change, but not yet. Hang on and I’ll just get the rest of my keys.” The lady disappeared into a room behind the reception desk.

“What are you doing, Janey?” Rachael asked.

“Reading the guest forms on the desk,” Jane replied quietly.


“Because I’m a cop and I’m nosey. Look, it seems Lenny The Lizard Pratt is staying here.”

“He must be feeling the cold today, it’s a bit brisk. Doesn’t he live in Malaga with Jamie

Thomson’s mum now?”

“Yes, that must be expensive. From comments the boss has made, I believe Janice is a bit

high-maintenance. But it looks like he’s here today. Lucky us.”

“Look at that notice-board, Janey.”

“Goodness, the General Manager is a Heinrich Reinbold. I wonder if that is a coincidence?”

“The boss doesn’t like coincidences.”

“Neither do I, Rache.”

After looking around the function area and having another look at the luxurious honeymoon suite where they would spend their wedding night, Jane and Rachael joined the Events Manager for coffee in the bar and paid the balance of their bill.

“We are going to have such a fun day, aren’t we, Rache?” Jane said, as the Events Manager

went to get their receipt. “And it is forever?”

“Of course!” Rachael reached out for Jane’s hand, but noticed she was looking towards the far side of the bar. Two men were sitting with their heads close together, whispering.

“You might pay attention to me when I’m being romantic, Janey. Oh, is that Lenny The Lizard you’re looking at?” Rachael asked.

“Ssssh.” Jane moved seats to sit opposite Rachael. “Make it look as if you are taking my picture, but get those men in the shot,” she whispered.

“Well, at least smile.” Rachael took a couple of photos. She could tell that the men in the background never noticed.

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#BlogTour #Review #WhereNoShadowsFall by Peter Ritchie | @PeterRi13759572 @bwpublishing

Today I get to kick start Peter Richie’s tour for Where No Shadows Fall, the 4th Grace Macallan book, and boy are you in for a treat!


book blurb

Expose the truth or let the dead lie still?

Grace Macallan’s life is on an even keel – at last. But a 9-to-5 career away from the frontline isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

So when she’s sent to investigate a suicide at Glasgow’s notorious Barlinnie prison, Grace gladly escapes her desk. The dead inmate is Tommy McMartin, heir to a ferocious criminal family. His murder conviction saw Tommy’s fall from power; cast out not for violence but because the victim was his gay lover.

The investigation drags Grace into contact with her McMartin adversaries of old. But the gangland dynasty is under threat and, as it topples, secrets once dead and buried are unearthed.

As she unravels Tommy McMartin’s fate, Grace senses someone watching her from the shadows, someone who aches for revenge. An awful dilemma faces her: to expose the truth or let the dead lie still.

Where No Shadows Fall is available via Black & White Publishing’s website


It is also available at Amazon

meet the authorIMG_20170919_072204

Peter Ritchie is a retired senior police officer. The real-world authenticity in his novels comes from vast experience gained working in CID, murder squads, Serious and Regional Crime Squads and Europol. He is a regular lecturer and commentator on the subject of transnational organised crime. In his spare time, Peter also enjoys writing poetry and short stories, painting and volunteering at St Columba’s Hospice and the Bethany Trust.

review by nicola

Another cracking instalment from Peter Ritchie!

I’m not sure how he manages to wow me time and time again but he’s done it again with book #4.

We meet back up with Grace, stuck behind a desk doing a job she hates (and we all knew she would!) Until she’s dangled a carrot, and it’s a carrot that’s too good to resist.

This book had me turning those pages every moment I got! I’d set off on the school run 10 minutes early so I could park up and squeeze a few more pages in, I’ve taken it to the gymnastic classes, the soft play sessions and stayed up way past my bed times just so I can see where this story takes us.

When I did actually have to put the book down my mind was still whirling at what/would going to happen.

Peter’s books are addictive so make sure to book some ‘you time’.  He sends your imagination into overtime, always making you second guess your thoughts then pulling a rabbit out of the hat, leaving you wondering where the hell that curve ball came from!

If you love your reads action packed and gripping then Peter’s series is definitely for you. I’d go as far as saying this series has turned into my favourite read of 2018 and if this book is what we can expect for the rest of 2019 then us readers are in for a real treat!!


Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for February.


Many thanks to Black & White Publishing for sending me a review copy of the book and to Peter Richie for writing such a brilliant series, all four of his books have received a 5 golden apple review from me. No pressure for your other books 😉


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#BlogTour #Promo #TheRockNRollNThat by Steve J. Gill | @HeresGilly #ROCKNROLLNTHAT@fayerogersuk @authoright

99Steven Gill ebook cover.jpg

The Rock ‘N’ Roll. ‘N’ That…
by Steven J. Gill

book blurb

“Rock ‘n’ roll is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world where no-one is allowed to be magnificent.” The former manager of The Runaways said that. The mad bastard. And Johnny Harrison swore by it. He had to. Almost forty, fully paid up member of the rat race and bored sh*tless. He had to believe in something. Then something happened. Something magnificent. A once in a lifetime band dropped out of the sky and right into his lap. A band unaware of just how great they could be. A band that had no idea what was about to hit them. A band that needed someone to light the fuse. That someone was Johnny Harrison and the truth was he needed them so much more. They were his ticket out. That’s how it is with THE ROCK ‘N’ THE ROLL. ‘N’ THAT. Buy your ticket and take the ride.

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43531300-the-rock-n-roll-n-that

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rock-Roll-That-Steven-Gill-ebook/dp/B07K8PMQ91

meet the author


Steven J. Gill is from  Manchester, living just south of the city centre.

This is his first book. Previously, his writing work was limited to music and football fanzines.

He has had quite the varied career, ranging from finance, delivering enterprise days to schools, undertaker and. driver.

A self-confessed cats, coats and Beatles obsessive.

Very much in right time and right place in the early 80’s and 90’s and duly devoured all that the Manchester music scene had to offer. Talked a lot of nonsense and managed  a couple of bands that never unite made it big. Sings like a donkey braying into a bucket but a very good musical ear would be a fitting epitaph…

Having had somewhat of a literary epiphany at the inaugural Festival No.6 in North Wales, Steven decided it was time to set to and get writing. ‘The Rock ‘n’ The Roll. ‘ N” That…’  is the fruit of these labours.”

As some Scouse pop genius once opined, “it took me years to write, so won’t you take a look…”

social links
Website: http://www.stevenjgill.co.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeresGilly

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevenj.gill/

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


1) Escapism into something that we all hear about and don’t always savour any further than listening to or going to gigs.

2) I’d like to think it’s both funny and gritty with an eye on the foibles of middle age. Anyone with an interest in music and has hit 40 will appreciate the underlying issues and themes.

3) They’ll both love and hate the characters. They are not one dimensional and are flawed in some instances and you’ll identify when they make a wrong decision but hopefully empathise at the the same time.

4) The artwork is brilliant and it’ll look great on your bookcase!

5) And lastly, you’ll make a middle aged man very happy if both read and enjoy this book. As some Scouse pop genius once opined, “it took me years to write, so won’t you take a look..”

the rock n roll banner2.png

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#BlogTour #Review #If YoureNotTheOne by Laura Briggs | @PaperDollWrites @Bookouture


book blurb

A heartwarming, escapist romantic novel for fans of Elin Hilderbrand, Nora Roberts and Nancy Thayer.

Natalie isn’t a romantic. She doesn’t believe in true love, or destiny. She thinks that people are just plain lucky if they happen to find someone. It’s coincidence and nothing more.

As a wedding dress designer though, she knows she has to keep these feelings under wraps. Even if she’s suspicious that Harper, the bride she’s working with, might secretly agree with her. Because if Harper admitted she wasn’t sure about love, it might also mean giving up on a millionaire husband-to-be and the lavish island wedding of her dreams.

But, for Natalie, as her feelings develop for both her on-off boyfriend Chad, and for the boy-next-door Brayden, she starts to fear that her heart might not be as immune to love as she claims…

Could love have been there all along? And as the wedding approaches, who will find a happy-ever-after, who will find their way to themselves, and who will get left behind?

buy links

Amazon: http://geni.us/B07KK16CWBSocial

Apple Books: https://tinyurl.com/y7syr3uy

Kobo: https://tinyurl.com/y8tgxsmk

Googleplay: https://tinyurl.com/yb8l4cq9

meet the author

Author Photo Laura Briggs

Laura Briggs is the author of several lighthearted romance novels and novellas, including the bestselling Amazon UK series A Wedding in Cornwall. She has a fondness for vintage-style dresses (especially ones with polka dots) and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with family, caring for her pets, going to movies and plays, and trying new restaurants.

social links

Website: https://paperdollwrites.blogspot.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaperDollWrites

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorlaurabriggs/



michelle review

This is the second book I have read by Laura Briggs, and have to admit it was a bit confusing as it continues the story of Tessa, Natalie and Ama who run a wedding planning business. I had to remind myself it was a different book to One winters day.

The story tells us about Natalie in this book and I have to say it was a bit of a slow read at the beginning, but I persevered as I enjoyed the authors previous book One winters day.

It is slightly predictable with the characters all having different views on love, however all the characters are likeable and entertaining.

If you love romance then this is the ideal book for you.


If You're Not the One - Blog Tour.jpg

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#BlogTour #Promo #TheMonumentalSecret by Julian Doyle |#MonumentalSecret @fayerogersuk @authoright


The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion by Julian Doyle

Genre: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 217

Publisher: Chippenham Books

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41968402-the-monumental-secret-of-the-crucifixion

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Monumental-Secret-Crucifixion-Julian-Doyle-ebook/dp/B07D6LSTF8

book blurb

Throughout the history of Christianity there have been those claiming a monumental secret. Often centered around the Church of St. Sulpice in Paris and associated with French esoteric circles like Debussy who wrote in a review:

“Perhaps it’s to destroy that scandalous legend that Jesus Christ died on the cross.”

But even Canon Alfred Lilley came back from St. Sulpice questioning the crucifixion. There must have been some documentation in the church that convinced these people of something portentous. BUT now searching links between the history of Rome and the latest Biblical research, we finally reveal the extraordinary facts that prove exactly what the monumental secret was and its validity making the revaluation of Christianity, as we knew it, inevitable.

meet the author


JULIAN DOYLE is the editor of ‘Life of Brian’ and is also one of the world’s most versatile filmmakers. He has written and directed his own films, and edited, photographed and created Fx on others. He is most famous for editing the Monty Python Films and shooting the Fxs for Terry Gilliam’s movies ‘TimeBandits and ‘Brazil’, which he also edited.

He has written and directed three feature films. ‘Love Potion’ about a drug rehabilitation centre, described as Hitchcockian. ‘Chemical Wedding’ featuring Simon Callow about the outrageous British occultist, Aleister Crowley and described by one American reviewer as ‘Thoroughly entertaining although at times you wonder if the film makers have not lost all there senses’. He has also directed award winning pop videos such as Kate Bush’s ‘CloudBusting’ featuring Donald Sutherland and Iron Maiden’s ‘Play With Madness’.

He recently wrote and directed the play ‘Twilight of the Gods’ investigating the tumultuous relationship between Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche and described by ‘Philosophy Today’ as ‘Masterful!’ the film version now being used as a teaching aid in US Universities.

Julian was born in London and started life in the slums of Paddington. His Irish father, Bob, was one of the youngest members of the International Brigade that went to fight against Franco’s invasion of democratic Spain. His mother, Lola, was born in Spain of an Asturian miner who died early of silicosis. She was thereafter brought up in a Catholic orphanage in Oviedo.

Julian started his education at St. Saviours, a church primary school. He went on to Haverstock secondary school, one of the first comprehensive schools in England. His first job was as a junior technician to Professor Peter Medawar’s team, which won the Nobel Prize soon after Julian’s arrival. Not that he claims any credit for that. At night school he passed his ‘A’ level exams and took a Zoology degree at London University. After a year at the Institute of Education, he taught biology before going to the London Film School. On leaving he started a film company with other students. Besides film making, Julian is well known for his Master-classes in Film Directing.

Monty Python’s Terry Jones described Julian as a Polymath.

While still at school, Julian had a daughter, Margarita who was brought up in the family. He then had two further children, Jud and Jessie.

Website: http://www.juliandoyle.info

The Monumental Secret of the Crucifixion Banner3.png

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#BlogTour #Review #TheFaelti by Rachel Pudsey |@RachelPudsey #LoveBooksGroupTours

The Faelti (1)-1.jpg

book blurb

Never wish upon a star.

Sixteen-year-old Abigail Crumble’s learning this the hard way.

During a moment of weakness, Abigail wished on the stars only to discover she’s cursed as a result. And she’s been on a journey to rectify her mistake ever since. Trouble is, the quest to rid herself of the curse has proven to be much more arduous than she could have ever imagined. And far from over.

Separated from her friends and believing them dead, trapped in the faelti camp and being held hostage by the evil Kai Sisu, Abigail is no closer to reaching Levana’s Dwelling and breaking the curse than she was the day she left her hometown.

meet the author

20180703_114355 (1).jpg

Rachel was born and raised in Scotland but has a ridiculously English surname. A graduate of psychology, she now resides in South Korea. She has dabbled in teaching children, but after a few blessed years has succumbed to teaching business English to adults in Seoul.

Rachel has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. An obsession with Point Horror books led to her first novel being written at the age of ten. Truth be told, it wasn’t very good. The following years were spent reading, amateur acting in a youth group, occasionally playing guitar, and dabbling in songwriting, all the while continuing to write stories unworthy for print and developing her own style.

A mixture of inspiring authors had a huge influence upon her mind: S. E. Hinton, Mario Puzo, R. L. Stine, William Goldman, C.S Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, J. K. Rowling … the list goes on. For years, Rachel has cited The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton as her favourite book. These days, she considers The Princess Bride by William Goldman to be at the top of the list. But the list always changes. How can one simply pick a favourite from all the wonderful books out there? It’s like trying to pick one favourite food. Inconceivable!

review by nicola

Can we take a moment and look at how stunning this cover is!


I think it’s one of the most beautiful covers I seen in a long time, it will definitely have the reader reaching for it in any shop or online.

Rachel Pudsey is a new author to me, what had me saying yes to the review was obviously the cover, but the blurb also grabbed me. Now in hind sight I should have read the first book (I’ll be correcting that asap) I struggled a couple of times when things that happened in the first book were brought up but I felt that it didn’t put me off following this beautiful story. Rachel shows she has a passion for this genre, her character and scene discretion is second to none!

This book is action packed and had me enthralled from start to finish, I enjoyed the darkness to the story and I’m most definitely craving more 😀 waiting for book 3 will give me time to read the first book and get myself fully imursed in the series.




This tour was organised and hosted by the wonderful

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#BlogTour #Excerpt #SevenDeadlySwords by Peter Sutton |@Suttope  @Kristell_Ink ‏   #Lovebooksgrouptours


book blurb

For every sin, a sword

For every sword, a curse

For every curse, a death

Reymond joined the Crusades to free the Holy Land from the Saracens and win glory for himself. Instead, with six others, he found himself bound under a sorcerer’s curse: the Seven Sins personified. Doomed to eternal life and with the weight of the deaths he has caused dragging his soul into the torments of hell, Reymond must find his former brothers-in-arms and defeat them. Riding across a thousand years of history, the road from Wrath to Redemption will be deadly…

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The 7 awaited the call. Each had been shriven, each had prepared as best they could for the day. Reymond prayed fervently, while his stomach cramped and a knot of tension crawled up his back. His skin itched. The damn sand got everywhere. He was always irritable before a battle. He hated the waiting. He hated the fighting too, but at least he was good at that part. He reflected that it was only his outward appearance that seemed cool and collected and this was why he’d been renamed Patience. It was not a fitting name, not before a battle.

Especially not when there was no real plan. There were no siege engines at Ma’Arra. The crusaders were expected to run towards the city, climb over the debris into the killing ground and up rickety ladders onto the walls. It seemed the men in charge thought the defenders wouldn’t put up much of a fight.

The 7 were assigned to a squad in the second wave. Could have been worse, could have been better. It meant they’d run over the corpses of the first wave. Each of the 7 waited in his own way; some prayed, some paced, some rested. Reymond may have appeared to be resting but inside his thoughts raced.

The commander for the attack on this section of wall, a noble Reymond didn’t know, asked them to get ready. He had thought he’d be with Curthose, but somehow they were separated from their old command.

It wouldn’t be long now. The men who rested now stood, preparing to run at the wall, in baking heat under heavy armour.

The command was given. Reymond started slowly, neck and neck with the others, but sped up to make the shelter of the ring of debris around the wall. He panted and chafed; deep damp patches spread beneath the armour making it even more uncomfortable.

Broken carts, furniture, doors, even dead animals had been stacked haphazardly. At this barrier the crusaders were at the outer limit of the range of arrows. Reymond looked up and across, his eyes followed the first wave. A fraction of the men who had set off in the charge had made the wall. There were many corpses.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This tour was organised and hosted by

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#BlogTour #Excerpt #TheBloodOfKings by Angela King | #AngelaKing    #LoveBooksGroupTours 

We have the privilege of kicking Angela Kings tour off for The Blood of Kings.

After getting a sneak peek at the excerpt I only wish I could have squeezed in a review, but at least I get to add it to the TBR list (it may have been bumped up a few spaces!)


book blurb

A gripping story of heartache and intrigue 1559. A girl arrives in London to search for her brother.

Aalia, an awkward, arrogant teenager plans to bring William to his senses, until she discovers that both their lives are based on a lie.

Aalia must unravels a web of secrets but has the weight of her past to contend with.

Courageous and undisciplined, Aalia gradually comes to terms with the truth that William, her brother, has royal blood.

Deciding to undermine the men who want to use him as a pawn, Aalia must negotiate a world where secrecy arms the powerful. But unwilling to ask for anyone’s help she is forced into making a fateful decision.

Who can she trust when everyone around her is plotting? Is the truth really something worth dying for?

This epic story of secrets and betrayal paints a vivid picture of Elizabethan England and asks questions that span beyond the test of time.

meet the author

Angela King is a mum, daughter, gran and wife. She writes and lives in Cumbria, in a rosy sandstone cottage where past and present meet in glorious chaos. After a lifetime making stories come to life for other people she decided to make some of her own.


buy links




Sanctuary – taken from the 3rd Disclosure

Torches flared as stragglers hiding from curfew joined them in the alley. Aalia kicked at a stumped pile of rags and a furry bag of bones jumped to its feet, wagging what was left of its tail. Beneath its filthy paws the rags shifted to exhume a human face, crusted with age and scowling.

‘You could have brought me supper.’ The beggar reached out a filthy hand.

‘All we’ve left is olives and you never suffered such delicacies.’

Aalia bent to stroke his dog.

‘Last time we met you owned two legs?’

‘A matter of expedience and besides…’ The man shuffled awkwardly, tossing aside the rags. ‘Able men don’t beg.’

‘And there was I hoping we could walk through the city together. I’m tired of boats and water and you promised to show me your home Tom.’

The beggar stretched, leaning his buckled frame hard against the wall.

‘London’s changed beyond my knowing. Everyone’s afraid, wondering what this next queen will bring. Nobody dares speak their mind… and I’d forgotten what it’s like to be cold.’

Georgiou helped sift through the rags until they found a scrap large enough to make a rough cape. He’d known Tom almost as long as he’d known Aalia. Being William’s devoted servant he never left his side, happy to serve in whatever role was needed, whipping boy to guardian angel.

Georgiou held his old friend’s arm.

‘It’s good to see you my friend.’

Tom’s walnut face was deeper incised and his soft brown eyes doused of their usual fire.

‘And it warms my heart to welcome you both. William’s biding his time, quietly gaining support. You’d hardly recognise him… dressed like an Englishman.’

‘Perhaps he’s changed his mind?’ Georgiou spoke gently. ‘Now England has a new queen?’

Aalia laughed. ‘William isn’t dallying with a new hobby but truly believes he’s fulfilling his rightful destiny! The Jesuit, did he know it, woke a dragon not a lion.’

Tom rattled his begging bowl as a passing stranger spat and then pulled Aalia into the shadows and swore.

‘Better whisper such things in Urdu. William’s stirring sedition.’

‘The streets are not safe?’ Aalia bowed her head meekly.

‘We are not safe. Understand this… William pursues a highly contentious path and unless we tread carefully we risk being condemned by association. Give them cause and an English court will bay for hanging… if we’re lucky. Remember they like a good burning because beheading’s reserved for the rich, not nameless bastards like you and me.’

‘Or William?’ Aalia took Tom’s filthy hands and laced them in her supple fingers.

‘Especially William.’ He whispered, levelling her stare.


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#CoverReveal #DeathWillFindMw by Vanessa Robertson |@Ness_Robertson   #LoveBooksGroupTours

Let’s kick start the week off in the right way, with a beautiful cover reveal!

I bring you Death Will Find Me by Vanessa Robertson 😍

logo - lbg

Keep scrolling to see the cover!

book blurb

Scotland, 1920.
Meet Tessa Kilpatrick; heiress and war-time covert operations agent.
Finding her husband – the feckless James – with another woman at a 1920s country house party, she demands a divorce. But when his body is discovered in a lonely stone bothy the next morning, Inspector Hamish Rasmussen sees Tessa as his only suspect.

Back in Edinburgh, links to another murder convince Rasmussen of her innocence. He enlists her help and together they set off on a pursuit that will bring Tessa once again face to face with the brutality of war as well as revealing to her the lengths that desperate people will go to in order to protect those they love.

Will Tessa be able to prevent a final murder or will she become the killer’s latest victim?

This book will be perfect for anyone who’s enjoyed the work of Catriona McPherson, Sara Sheridan and Jessica Fellowes.

buy links
Pre order your copy now!



And without further ado …..

Bespoke book cover art example from coverness.com

Bespoke book cover art example from coverness.com

How stunning is that cover?!!


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#BlogTour #Review #EatLess by Jeremy & Georgina Jackson-Sytner | @EatLess2 @UrbaneBooks #Lovebooksgrouptours

A bit of a change from our usual books of late, today I bring you EAT LESS.


book blurb

The easiest way to lose weight and
keep it off for life
Jeremy and Georgina Jackson-Sytner

Eat Less is a revolutionary book designed to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for life.
Eat Less is NOT a diet book. It doesn’t read like a diet book or look like a diet book. Eat Less is an anti-obesity manifesto.
Eat Less is stuffed with bite-sized nuggets of information on the
benefits of eating less, advice on what to eat less of, and much more. Informative and motivational, the underlying message is very serious, but the manner in which it delivers those messages is never preachy and easily digestible. Eat Less offers practical advice on the life-changing benefits that simply eating
less food can bring.

Buy Link


meet the author

Following a long career as an advertising creative, Jeremy has turned a lifelong fascination with food, diets and eating into a personal mission. Eat Less is Jeremy’s and wife Georgina’s impassioned attempt to get people everywhere to think more about what they eat and how they eat. The inspiration for this book came soon after he lost 2 stone in weight, simply by eating less and removing sugar and grain from his diet. Georgina is a certified group fitness instructor and runs regular mobile exercise classes in Battersea Park. Alongside this, she has developed a formula to help individuals lose weight, using a tailored weight loss management service and offering customised eating plans.

review by nicola

Let’s admit it, the start of a New Year and we all want to lose a bit of weight, make those jeans fit better or to just feel better in ourselves. We join the gym, maybe a diet club, stick with it for a few months then fall back into our usual routine and before we know it were counting down the New Year clock yet again!

I’ve been there, done that and have  multiple t-shirts…… but this book had me looking at the way I look at food in a whole new light. I’m one to sit down with the family, a few treats between us and by the time the film has finished we’d have eaten the lot!!

If I find myself in the cupboard I ask

“Do you really want that? Are you even hungry?”

9/10 I find myself in the cupboard out of boredom, daft I know but it happens. After reading this book it’s shown me ways to battle the boredom in a healthy way, select foods that are better for my family and myself, and if I ‘need’ a snack how and what to chose.

It’s not a diet book it’s a healthier option guide, one that has shown me how to tweak our eating plan without the family noticing too much 😉


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